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From our Founder, Emma Jane Taylor. “I spent some
time choosing suitable collaborations to work with on our clothing range and products. I’ve read many articles about the chosen products that share good insight into their corporate responsibility and of their ethos. Some of the products are 100% airlume cotton, making them lighter (thinner), but all made with great care and of course more importantly ‘are sharing strong messages’.
Feedback is important, so do share your constructive notes, it helps us to continue the strength of this message/ campaign".
Working together, to protect and support the world.


As well as the #notmyshame campaign being a movement, it is also supporting our chosen charity, Project 90/10. After supplier taxes/costs, it isn't easy to achieve any profit(!) so each purchase includes a small charitable donation.

Received with gratitude, working hard to reduce CSA.


The official range of #notmyshame products are currently only produced on white backgrounds....we have no affiliation to 'other' sites selling our products, these appear to be scams, they are NOT charitable. We do NOT support them.

From Emma-Jane

I am proud to share my new range of merchandise, to empower survivors and turn up the volume up on a very difficult conversation, that for the best part of my life has been kept in the dark. If you feel comfortable, then I would love for you to join me in wearing this range. I understand that not everyone will feel able to, and that is fine also - it has taken me time to get to this point in my life. All profits will be donated to the fabulous NEW charity helping the development of the work being implemented to make a difference on the conversation of child sexual abuse. So every purchase (after costs/ taxes) is a small charity donation (every little helps). I have extended the #notmyshame range to include the bonus range #nottheirsilence, for any loved ones and supporters who feel strongly about raising awareness too.
Thanks for stopping by, keep truckin'!
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